Hello Angel!

I want to personally welcome you to the team and hope that you will be staying with me for a good long time.

My name is Bella and I started my store as a way for women to be fashionable without breaking the bank. All of my designs cost 150L and that is a full pack with HUD controlled products. Usually a design will have 12 to 14 colors/textures minimum for me to sell. Most designs also come with shoes to match the outfit.

I design outfits, shapes, tattoos, original mesh nails, eye appliers, makeup, accessories and poses.

So, I am so glad that you are here and if you ever have any issues or need any help, me and my team of managers are here to assist you.


Ɓєℓℓα Ɗяαкση Iναησνιc (izabelivanovic)
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==GENERAL MANAGER & PA (Personal Assistant)
ⓔмαн мσяяıs  Vesρυcciαиσ (djfiregirl)
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τατα мαcทєℓℓy мατiαทαк (tatasl2013)
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ღмคหнσรค cσяεღ (manhosa.core)
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>> 4 blog posts in the month, but you may blog more than that if you like.
>> event items have priority
>> Clear HD photos! Strawberry Sigh recommends photos to be 5000 x 2944
>> Report posts in blogotex and tag me and blogger managers in posts!
>> Post my logo in your blog is a requirement!

Blogotex is set up to where you are required to post 4 posts in a month. If you do not post the minimum the system will suspend you.

<< VIP BLOGGER >> If you are chosen as blogger of the month, you become a VIP blogger for the following month. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU DO NOT POST! You are still required to do your minimums. I have seen bloggers become VIP and not post anything.

Mah will be on blogotex and also looking over posts. She is my personal assistant and any questions related to product issues should be directed at her or one of the other managers. This includes suspensions, vacations and any issue that arises. If there is an issue with the item, please send to MAH (djfiregirl) only! She will communicate the issue with me.


Whether you blog 1 item or 3 items IN THE SAME blog post, you need to report it all together and submit your post. This will count as 1 POST in blogotex.

If you have blogged all my items, you are welcome to re-blog an item from blogotex.

Any items from the current month not blogged during the event timeline will NOT be accepted, AND will not count towards the month minimum.

Store items you have until the end of the month to blog, so please blog event items as priority.

When posting your flickr links, please place the direct link to the photo. DO NOT place you main link to your flickr.

All blog posts MUST credit event and store information.

++++ BLOG QUALITY ++++

DOs and DONT's

> HD clear photos
> clearly credit products & ALL event information (I always provide a notecard with all info and LMs)
> Eye, nails and makeup must have closeup

Shape Blogging >> DO NOT blog the details of the style card. You can mention that it comes with a style card, but again DO NOT blog the details.
Eye Appliers >> Not using a closeup
Mesh Nails >> not using a closeup
Tattoos >> Pose in the wrong agle. For example tattoo is on right leg but you take the picture showing the left leg
Lipstick/makeup >> Take a clear face closeup picture!
Eyelash Blogging >> leave the eyelash color on your HUD to black, always make it white so when you use an eyelash from a designer, the original texture is not hidden by the black color.

Be careful with lighting >> TOO DARK >>

Be careful with Windlight >> Changing the color of the item >> for example an item has a white color but in your photo it comes off black or grey

NOT blogging all items >> If an outfit comes with Shoes, accessories and the clothing, you are required to blog ALL THE ITEMS. Blogging just the dress and using another pair of shoes from another sponsor is a big NO NO! If by any reason, you cannot blog an item from my outfit, lets say its not attaching to the correct spot and I have not replied to you in a timely fashion, please notate in your post that the item has not been used and its included in the outfit.


We will have a recycling of bloggers every 6 months now. Meaning that we will completely clean blogotex and ask previous bloggers to reapply.

The next cleanup will be on...Feb 2020.


If you have followed all of the requirements for the month, you are automatically eligible for the drawing of blogger of the month. You earn your wings, a gift card (300L minimum) will be sent to you as a reward for the month.


Do you have a friend that is a blogger and she needs sponsors or you think she would love blogging for the brand? Have her apply and after the new month if she follows all of the requirements, you get 300L as a payment for the referral. New bloggers are welcome to apply.

++++ TIME OFF or RL NEEDS ME ++++

RL is always #1! If you need to be in RL and cannot blog, please request a vacation in blogotex and communicate your reason.

We completely understand vacation needs because of RL.

Since we had issues with people taking advantage of this feature, we need to set ground rules for vacation/off time.

If you vacation is 15 days or less, we will accept the request and you will stay on vacation.

If your vacation is more than 15 days but less than 1 month, we will suspend your account and you need to communicate with us your return.

If your vacation is more than 1 month we will remove you from blogotex and you need to reapply when you come back.

As long as you are in good standing and you have no pending items to blog, we will accept your request for time off.


Its not a secret that sometimes we designers makes a mistake while creating an item. It could be that a color is not correct in the HUD, could be that the item is not attaching to the correct part of the body, etc. Whatever it may be, please send me an notecard in SL with what is your issue and so that I can fix it. This way, I can alert my Angels in the store so they can get a corrected product if it was purchased. I also can send an updated kit in blogotex.


We have a sky platform with many backgrounds for bloggers to use.
LM >

Also at the mall there is locations that you can use for photos and a beach with poses.
LM >

Both locations uses the California Beach Group that is free to join and you can rezz poses.

If you decide to take a photo please credit the sim as Cali Beach Mall or Cali Beach Studios with their respective SLurl.


The beauty of blogotex is that we have the power to leave a store when we feel that we cannot blog anymore or just need a huge break. Thats ok. What is not ok is taking products, not blogging and then leaving. That is considered stealing. I give you the products to promote for me, its not a freebie for you to take and then leave.

If I see anyone doing this, they will have the post of shame in my facebook. I have done it with 2 bloggers. Do I like doing this, no! But as a designer I have the duty of informing the creator community of these bloggers that do this.


So we have a discord group where you can communicate with me and see all the previews of the new releases! Discord is free to download and use. It is not required for you to be in the discord group, but it helps lots in the communication field and item details.

Inworld group! Although not required, you can join the store group and post your links in chat when you blog one of my items. This expands your following base for both your blog and flickr. Let me know if you do and I can give you the blogger tag in the group!

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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