My Girls

Hello My Darlings,

I want to thank my SL daughter Raissa, and my SL niece Ritielyy Dragon in helping me make this blog post a reality. You girls are always there when I need you and for that I am glad to call you, “My Girls”.
News From: Lush Poses @ L’Elite – Featuring: Shutter Flutter | Le FashionWhore | Emily C | Salacity | MOoh | Anais Boutique | Sweet Tots | Blueberry | Phoenix Hair – Models: ritielyydragon & ʀąíʂʂą ɢąúɔʜą ҡʋҡΐɪɴʂҡɪ (Jigoku8Dayu)
New Post: 34
Credit Pose (with child): Shutter Flutter ~ You Are Beautiful
Credit Pose (with adult): Lush Poses – Girl Talk & Tell me about it @ L’Elite Event
Credit hair (child): Anais' Boutique - Toddleedoo Hair Lucie Blond
Credit outfit (child): *Sweet Tots*~TD ~ Easter Girls~ Ms Grey
Credit outfit (adult model): Blueberry - Cutieberry Cardigan Set
Credit clothes: Le Fashion Whore - Kate Laced Romper
Credit hair: :::Phoenix::: Marissa Hair
Credit shoes: EmilyC Manhattan Boots
Credit garden decorations: MOoH! –  Bunny seat Stripe pink, FBD Bunny seat Knit ecru, Unicorn planter with clover (RARE), Happy pose (Gachas L$50 – L$75)
Credit furniture: Salacity - Frat House Couch (PG – Adult Version coming soon)
 Thank You  Bella 😘

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