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Hello My Darlings,
I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence. I love my job as a model and blogger, with the help of amazing designers and sponsors I can create and put together styles that make me feel not only beautiful but I am also able to show my personal styles. Business girl by day and fashion couture model by night.

News From: Virtual Diva | Uni-qu3 ~ Angel’s Touch @ Sunset Mist | DC Jasper | Secret Poses | Bazar | Duvet Day @ Twe12ve
New Post: 40
 Credits: Gown = Virtual Diva – Solei Gown with Headpiece
 Credits: Hair (with gown) = Virtual Diva – Elite Hair Up
 Credits: Hair (with dress) = Virtual Diva – Charm Hair Mesh Mix (Group Gift!)
 Credits: Shoes = Uni-qu3 rozana high on heels @ Sunset Mist Event
 Credits: Dress = DC Jasper – Blue Floral Dress
Credits: Pose (solo) = //Secret Poses// Model Pack 3
Credits: Furniture = Bazar Glam Closet – FEMALE WHITE
Credits: Furniture = Duvet Day – Eloise Set (table, chair, and hanging lamp [PG – Adult also available]), Neon “Lucky” Sign, and Sakura Place setting mat @ Twe12ve Event
Credits: Plant = Angel's Touch – Elina's Joy @ Sunset Mist Event
 Thank You  Bella 😘

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